Our Vision

To be a pioneer in charitable works and mark the greatest and most sustainable impact.


Our Message

To strive on works that complements others in the field of empowerment, aid, human and community development, social works and achieving sustainable development.

Foundation values

Benevolence:Impeccable work and giving on an ongoing basis


Fairness:In conduct and in giving

Loyalty:By working to maximize the reward of the benefactor

Humbleness:in practice among the foundation’s team and its partners

Team Spirit:Decisions based on input by the whole team

Our Goals

To discover and develop gifted and innovative persons in all fields and to empower them, both locally and globally

To sponsor the authenticity of different arts in the society and enhance its culture

To care for, develop, and empower orphans

To train and qualify young men and women in life skills to achieve a bright future

To lead the beneficiary away from a state of being in need to be self-sufficient

Development of non-profit sector

Our Fields

Gifted and Outstanding Persons

Inventions and Innovations

Programming, Cyber-Security, and Artificial Intelligence

Professional Crafts

Young National Leaders

Arts and Culture


Project support

We support projects that serve charitable and social work sectors, taking in consideration the empowerment and sustainability it bring about and to what extent it is relevance with the foundations objectives and fields of work.